18th January Parish Meeting Update

Thank you to everyone who came to the Parish Meeting last Thursday evening and to those of you that made your wishes known to the Chairman Simon Autie in advance of the meeting. Thank you also to Chris Dowling who came along in his capacity as a County Councillor.

There was a good turnout and after a brief discussion regarding the pros and cons there was a unanimous vote (of those present) to remain as a Meeting rather than become a Parish Council or merge with another parish.

Highlights from the meeting:

  • Monies from the Lightsource company, who have the solar farms at Bentley, have now been paid into the parish community account
  • The parish is in the process of advertising and selecting a clerk, as Liz Salmon will be stepping down after twenty years of service (our thanks to Liz for all her tremendous work)
  • Hedge cutting will soon be underway to improve visibility and safety at the A26/Horsted Lane junction
  • The parish have agreed to keep a close watch on the SANGS development at Horsted Pond Lane and will be addressing key council representatives at the February meeting


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