Bradford’s/ Harvey’s Lane Road Closures 

As you’ll all be aware there are extensive works going on in the parish, and as much as it is an inconvenience for many of us, for a few residents it is causing significant problems.


Further to a preliminary site visit on November 2nd by Simon Autie, Kim Clark and Wendy Sims, a meeting was held today with the Project Managers of UK Power Networks and Kier who are the contractors carrying out the roadworks for them. Chrissie Wells also came from South Brockwells Farm.


This work is part of a long term project to improve the electricity supply capacity over the next five years to meet the anticipated increased load for the Newhaven Group, which we are part of. Underground cabling is being laid to enable 64 pylons ( now referred to as towers) to be removed once the underground network is completed. 


A new super grid will need to be constructed in the area (probably within an 8km radius of LH) and UKPN are having many sites surveyed and will then approach the council planning department with their top three selections before putting in a formal application. The size of the site would be 40m x 80m.


Phase 1 of the work is almost completed and Phase 2, Harvey’s Lane to the Broyle, then starts, hopefully finishing by December 17th. 


The main point raised by LH Parish was the appalling lack of communication about this major work to the affected households. Some got a letter through their door once the work was commencing, others have still received nothing. An apology was received from both company managers.


It was pointed out to them that the people at the worst affected location had no opportunity to make alternative arrangements to move out, and have had to put up with constant heavy plant machinery driving forwards and backwards (with automatic reversing beepers that can’t be turned off) around their property since the end of September. They will be putting in a formal complaint to UKPN.


Chrissie made them aware that sales at the farm shop were down 40% and that with appropriate notice they would have temporarily moved their location and reduced their overheads accordingly. She will send detailed information to UKPN.


There is considerable damage to the verges and mud on the roads where the subsoil is being moved to the works holding area on Bradford’s Farm from where it is transported. A road sweeper is being used to improve the state of the roads and a guarantee has been given that all verges will be repaired at the end of the works.


It was pointed out that the information they had provided had wrongly named the roads.
This is to be corrected and the road closure sign locations improved in conjunction with Highways.


If anyone has any further points they would like to raise please get in touch with Simon Autie.


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