Changes to East Sussex Fire and Rescue services

Changed are proposed to the services currently provided by East Sussex fire and rescue. For full details and to make any comments please visit Below are the main changes to the services in the Uckfield area:

Current: Uckfield has a 6 day crewed fire station offering 24/7 response. Proposed: Day only crewing Mon-Friday. On-call response in the evenings and weekends.

The community will still have a 24/7 service however it may take longer to attend during evenings and weekends.

Current: Uckfield has two fire engines / maxi cabs. Proposed: Uckfield will be be a single fire engine site.

If a second fire engine is required it will be drafted from another station. This is the case in 72% of current instances. The change to a single fire engine station is also proposed for the most local sites at Lewes, Crowborough and Heathfield.

Given the impact to the fire service in the local area we intend to register concern over these changes. If you wish to add any comments for us to put forward please do so before the 12th June 2020.


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