Horsted Pond Farm – planning application for 400 homes

The Horsted Pond Farm development will be discussed at Uckfield Town Council plans committee on 24th October at 7pm at the civic centre. An action group has been set up in opposition to this planning application for 400 homes which can be found at https://horstedpondfarm.org. They are asking for residents to join them at the meeting.

Currently there are 77 comments from individuals on this planning application – you can view the documents by following https://planning.wealden.gov.uk/plandisp.aspx?recno=159163


  • Having just read about this new proposed development in the Uckfield pages, I cannot believe that Wealden are allowing more houses to be built in the area.

    Is no one taking into account that the local infrastructure is not fit enough to take on board the existing developments yet alone adding any further proposals at this point in time. The railway out of Uckfield is not fit for purpose (having travelled to London each day for 10 plus years I can tell you this from first hand experience) the water supply in Uckfield has been unable to maintain supply at present and unless I have missed the intention to add additional reservoirs I cannot see how adding the 1000 plus house currently in progress let alone another 400 will help the situation. There are not enough schools in the local area to absorb the potential in numbers that will come from the additional houses. The road infrastructure will come under enormous pressure both locally in the town and on the main A22 which already has problems during the summer months let alone the additional problems in the town when the A22 has been closed for one reason or another.
    Local super markets are unable to cope with demand and parking in the town will be a major problem.

    The district council should hold fire on this proposal until all the current houses have been completed to see what impact they will have before add additional problems at the same time laying out a clear and workable plan to deal with extra demand before committing to further problems.

    I would also suggest that someone takes into account the high amount of additional houses being proposed at Hailsham as this will also impact the A22 and services along that route.

    Are the local council also addressing the need for extra power supplies for the future especially when we are being pushed towards electric cars by insisting that all new development are installed with solar systems to reduce demand on the grid.

    • Hello Derek, Many thanks for your comments. The parish meeting apposed this application for many of the reasons you have stated. We are part of the group of other parish councils and meetings across Wealden calling for the over development of the county to stop.

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