Little Horsted Parish meeting – Coronavirus

                                                                                                                                                          To all Little Horsted Parishioners :          

In light of recent events surrounding the arrival of Coronavirus your Parish Meeting would like to let you know some initial steps we have taken to assist you in the event of the situation worsening:
Whilst medical problems should be covered by using the111 services provided ,we are concerned that you should have contact details where help or advice could be offered.The three initial contact points that your Parish are offering are:
    1. By phone : Parish Clerk Laura : 07795977187
    2. Michelle Coates has created a Facebook page for the Parish :
    3:  at our usual website at:

Please do contact us if you require any assistance. There are residents willing to assist with shopping etc and we will be able to put you in contact with them.  

Our principal concern is ,as always, for the elderly and infirm . Although as I’m sure you do check that your  neighbors  are ok- it would be good if you could make an extra effort in these difficult times . If you are concerned about anybody /thing please let us know .

The next parish meeting (which would have been due on the 2nd April) has now been cancelled. Details for future meetings will be posted on the website. We will be dealing with ongoing matters. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you need to raise any new issues.We will be posting details of all planning applications on the parish website so that residents may comment directly if they wish to do so.

The farm shop in Isfield is willing to deliver food and small supplies at no extra cost to the elderly and those in isolation and can be reached by calling: 01825 751271.

We are trying to take some other steps to help in this matter and will keep you posted.

                                      Simon Autie 
                 Chairman Little Horsted Parish Meeting.


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