Little Horsted Parish Meeting – Monday 10th August.

Members of Little Horsted Parish are invited to the Little Horsted Parish Meeting on Monday 10th August at 7.30pm at the Laughing Fish Pub (Isfield) in the garden. They have a marque so the meeting will go ahead whatever the weather.
The Agenda will be as follows:


  1. Minutes from previous meeting – 05/03/2020
  2. Planning application number: WD/2020/0747/MAJ –  Location: OLD FARM, BRADFORDS LANE, LITTLE HORSTED – 30 studio flats for staff accommodation. 
  3. Road closure at Bradfords lane. 
  4. Substation plans close to Little Horsted. 
  5. Worth Lane update.
  6. A26 speeding / accidents. 
  7. A22 Solar farm / charging station. 
  8. Fly tipping. 
  9. Speeding tractors on Bradfords lane. 
  10. Notice of farm spraying. 
  11. Horsted Green Park parking numbers – to be discussed when park rep joins the meeting.
  12. Annual accounts
  13. AOB


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