Little Horsted Parish meeting – Thursday 29th July 2021 at 7.30pm

Hello all,
A date for your diary – the next Little Horsted Parish meeting will be held on Thursday 29th July 2021 at 7.30pm at the Halfway House. 
To allow for the smooth running of the meeting please could you view the draft minutes 24/06/2021 which can be found in the documents and the planning details for items 4 and 5 before the meeting.
The agenda is attached below but the items are as follows: 

1. Mins from previous meeting 24/06/2021 
2. Budget for 2021-2022 – MC 
3. Bamber Brooks auction house at the Bentley – an introduction of the business and operating overview. MA
4. Planning application WD/2021/0679/F – large garage.
5. Planning application WD/2021/1529/FA – Variation of conditions 2 AND 4 of WD/2019/0388/F (conversion of cattle barn to living accommodation and erection of link to main dwelling) in order to alter the design and increase the size of the link extension, add roof lights and use a breathable membrane.
6. Parish Meeting Frequency. MC
7. Planning Comments Committee. MC
8. Parish phonebox payment from Little Horsted Parish to Kim Clark (the current owner) – MC 
9. Outstanding / update on actions from previous meetings. (see spreadsheet attached) LSp
10. AOB


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