Local U1 Licence removal

Use of U1 Licence at Bradford’s Farm:
This site has now been closed due to:
  1. The materials being tipped not conforming to the licenses issued.(please note that these  licenses have now been revoked).
  2. That two licences were held for the same site.
  3. The tipping is adjacent to the stream  – leading to problems with wildlife and the possibility of contamination of a waterway. The waterways and wildlife teams will be inspecting the site.
  4. The gateway to site will be blocked to prevent further tipping.
Use of U1 Licence at Totease Farm:
The licenses for this site have been withdrawn due to-
  1.  Ownership of the site shown having changed.
  2. Two licenses being in operation for the same site.
  3. The precise position of the proposed tip being unclear.


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