Minutes of the September 2018 Parish Meeting

Four members of the parish in addition  to the Chairman and Clerk were at the meeting on Thursday evening.  We were also joined by County Councillor, Chris Dowling.

Matters discussed included the traffic on the A26, planning and the financial situation.  Full details are in the draft minutes which can be read here.

The Chairman wants to know your views on the way meetings are run, particularly in areas such as whether there should there be a limit time to speak? If so how long. The clarification of the Chairman’s role in directing and managing discussions with the absence of side discussions and discussion on non-agenda items.

Parishioners are urged so send their feedback in so that a paper can be put together to vote on at a future meeting.

Please email your thoughts to: LittleHorstedClerk@gmail.com.

Check back in to this website in the next couple of week’s to find out when and where your next Parish Meeting will be!


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