Parish Meeting – Thursday 27th January 2022

Members of Little Horsted Parish are invited to the Little Horsted Parish Meeting on Thursday 27th January 2022 at the Halfway House, Rosehill. This meeting will start at 7.30pm. Signed: 

Laura Sparshatt 

Laura Sparshatt (Clerk to Little Horsted Parish Meeting) 


  1. Acceptance of previous meeting minutes 25/11/2021
  2. Lightsource Solar Farm community payment contract update.
  3. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds:
    1. Finger Post quotes – location and quote to be confirmed.
    2. Bus Shelter (Horsted Place) quotes – new quote to be considered following issues with selected contractor insurance.
  4. Horsted Green Park Update
  5. Parish Dinner Update
  6. Any Other Business (AOB)

With the increase in Covid rates it is important to ensure our meetings are as safe as possible for everyone. We would advise participants to take a lateral flow test before the meeting / sanitise hands / maintain social distance and if you are feeling unwell please do not attend. If you would like to wear a face mask please feel free to do so. 


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