Planning application WD/ 2020/1244 /MAJ – Electric car charging station and solar farm off the A22.

During the previous parish meeting on the 10/08/2020 the residents voted to object to the proposal on the grounds that they felt that it is in the wrong location due to increasing traffic volumes and the additional roundabout which will be constructed on the A22 but residents wanted it noted that they do not object to the development in principle.

Below is chairman Simon Autie’s letter to Cclr Roy Galley relating to the issues with the consultation of interested parties for your information. To clarify Little Horsted Parish meetings comments are now showing on the Wealden planning application documents.

Good afternoon Roy . I left a message asking you to contact me earlier today; I think that if you could look at the problem before we spoke it would save time. Relating to the above application for another solar farm , recharging points and associated shops on the south side of the A22 adjacent to the Ridgewood development:- As you must know there are strong feelings being expressed relating to this application. We have a legal right for our Parishes opinions to be  expressed, published and made available for discussion at Wealden ‘s relevant planning meeting . On this “ contentious “ matter we have just discovered that (a) Fletching- where most of this proposal is -hadn’t been asked to comment ,we were and did but our reply has not yet been published -or lost.  The Website indicating that we haven’t registered any objections- which is totally untrue. Uckfield has not recorded any comments- despite the cut-off date being passed- possibly for similar reasons. Isfield has not been formally asked for their opinion- even though they were initially asked to comment and registered strong disapproval.  We would expect an agreed and published delay to allow the concerned Parishes time to reply – their comments published- with enough time for the public to read them and comment before Wealden makes decisions .    I understand that what has happened would invalidate any decision, concerning this, that Wealden arrived at- so it would be in their own interest to get it right- an apology to the Parishes concerned would appear in order.    Please let me know what you can do to resolve this mess.
              Kind regards,
                 Simon Autie ( Chairman Little Horsted Parish Meeting)


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