Publication of the Wealden Local Plan – Proposed Submission Document

Wealden District is publishing its Proposed Submission Wealden Local Plan for receipt of representations between Monday 13th August 2018 and 5pm on Monday 8th October 2018.

The document sets out planning policies for growth and change within Wealden District (excluding the area of the District which is within the South Downs National Park) up until 2028. After consideration of all representations received the Council intends to submit the document to the Secretary of State for examination later in 2018.

You can view the Proposed Submission Wealden Local Plan and associated documents on the Council’s website; or at a number of venues across the District, which are set out at the end of this email. A copy of the Representations Procedure is also below, which outlines how to make comments on the plan.

When submitting comments we encourage respondents to respond to the consultation questions on either the online consultation portal or the representation form. In order to assist the process, it is requested that consideration is given to any submission to ensure that they are relevant and to the point. If a long submission cannot be avoided, please provide a summary of the main points to be addressed.

Before submitting your comments we would strongly encourage you to read our ‘Guidance Note for Respondents’.

General Data Protection Regulation 2016 and Data Protection Act 2018

Please be aware that any comments you submit cannot be treated in confidence as Regulation 30 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Development) (England) Regulations 2004, as amended, requires copies of all representations to be made publicly available. The Council will publish names and representations on its website, but will not publish personal information, such as telephone numbers, emails or private addresses. By submitting a representation you are accordingly confirming that you agree to this and accept responsibility for your comments.

Please telephone 01892 602008 or email if you require assistance in submitting your representation or if further information is required. If you, or somebody you know, would like the information (guidance notes, forms etc.) in large print, Braille, tape or in another language please let us know.

Wealden Local Plan: Regulation 19 Publication

Statement of Representations Procedure and Statement of Fact – Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 – Regulation 19

The Council is inviting comments, also known as representations, on the Wealden Local Plan Proposed Submission (Regulation 19) Document. The information below sets out how and by when to make such representations, how to express interest in appearing at the Examination, as well as where to find the proposed submission documents.

Statement of Representations Procedure

Wealden Local Plan (Regulation 19) Proposed Submission Version: Subject Matter and Area Covered

The Wealden Local Plan sets out the spatial strategy and policy framework for Wealden District from 2013 to 2028. The Local Plan includes: the vision for the District; the Strategic Objectives to meet the challenges that the plan has to address; the overall strategy that directs development to certain places; the sites that have been identified for development in each of the towns and in rural areas; the policies that will be used to make decisions on planning applications; and how the plan will be monitored.

The Wealden Local Plan covers the area of Wealden District excluding the area of the District which is within the South Downs National Park.

Period of publication for representations:

Representations must be received by the Council from Monday 13th August 2018 until 5pm on Monday 8th October 2018.

How to make Representations:

Representations can be made through the following means:


By using the Council’s online response form at

By downloading a representation form at and emailing to

By Mail:

By using a representation form available at the Council Offices and posting it to the Planning Policy Team, Wealden District Council, Vicarage Lane, Hailsham, BN27 2AX.

How to appear at the Examination:

The Examination is open to the public, subject to the venue’s seating availability. Anyone can attend to listen to the discussions but there are strict rules which apply to those who wish to participate. If a consultee wishes to appear at the examination as a participant, such request must be made as part of their representation on the Wealden Local Plan Proposed Submission (Regulation 19) Document. The Inspector once appointed will decide who can attend the Examination, depending on the agenda.

How to find out about the next steps:

If requested in writing, all named representatives will be notified of future stages of the Wealden Local Plan.

What will happen to the Representations:

All comments received will be submitted to the Secretary of State and the Planning Inspectorate and considered as part of a public examination by an independent Planning Inspector.

Please note that copies of all comments received will be available for the public to view and cannot be treated as confidential – personal details including signatures, phone numbers and email addresses will be removed prior to publishing. Data will be processed and held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2016 and Data Protection Act 2018.

Reference copies of the main documents are available for public inspection at the following venues at the stated times from Monday 13th August 2018 until Monday 8th October 2018. Copies of representation forms and guidance notes will also be available at the following venues:


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