Road safety on the A26 at the Bradfords Lane / Horsted Lane junction

Following the fatal accident on the A26 at the Bradfords Lane and Horsted lane junction in July, Little Horsted Parish meeting with assistance from Cclr Dowling has been considering how to improve safety for road users and local residents.

Ian Johnson (East Sussex Highways road safety manager) has noted that this site has not been identified as a priority this year, or in previous years. Each year they identify sites that have the most crashes that result in injury.

Ian Johnson has confirmed that, at this site, in the most recent three year period, there has been three crashes resulting in personal injury. Taking into consideration the average annual daily traffic flow for the A26, twelve and a half million vehicle trips have been made through these crossroads during a three year period.

As such this location does not meet East Sussex County Council criteria for provision of VAS (flashing safety signs), which requires four or more crashes involving personal injury in a three year period for the site to be taken forward.

However, the site does meet the criteria for provision of VAS under a Community led scheme, as there has been one speed related crash involving personal injury in the most recent three year period. Any schemes must be fully funded by the Community, including ongoing running, maintenance, replacement and decommissioning (as appropriate) of the sign.

The use of CIL (community infrastructure levy) money may be an option that the Parish meeting and residents wish to pursue which would be discussed at a future meeting. The Parish meeting will be looking into the costing and other solutions, such as provision of coloured high friction surfacing on the southbound approach to give residents the full information.


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