Scam awareness information from PCSO Matthews

PCSO Matthews is advising all residents to be aware of scams during this lockdown period. If you know someone vulnerable or could be at risk of being a victim please check in with them and if they have been a victim contact Sussex Police. During the first period of Lockdown the top four scams, were investment scams, romance fraud, software scams, covid-19 scams. Just make sure you follow ten golden rules.

PCSO Choppin advises don’t accept work from cold callers/rogue traders do not be bullied by demands for money and do not allow them to take you to the bank to take out money. Do not be afraid to make trading standards aware and where possible try and get a vehicle registration.  


Remember these ten golden rules to help you prevent fraud and beat the scammers.

  • Be suspicious of all ‘too good to be true’ offers and deals. There are no guaranteed get-rich-quick schemes.
  • Don’t agree to offers or deals immediately. Insist on time to get independent or legal advice before making a decision.
  • Don’t hand over money or sign anything until you’ve checked someone’s credentials and their company’s.
  • Never send money to anyone you don’t know or trust, whether in the UK or abroad, or use methods of payment you’re not comfortable with.
  • Never give banking or personal details to anyone you don’t know or trust. This information is valuable so make sure you protect it.
  • Always log on to a website directly rather than clicking on links in an email.
  • Don’t just rely on glowing testimonials. Find solid, independent evidence of a company’s success.
  • Always get independent or legal advice if an offer involves money, time or commitment.
  • If you spot a scam or have been scammed, report it and get help. Contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or at Action Fraud. Call us on 101 if you know the suspect or they’re still in the area. If you’re deaf or hard of hearing, use our textphone service on 18001 101.
  • Don’t be embarrassed about reporting a scam. Because the scammers are cunning and clever there’s no shame in being deceived. By reporting it, you’ll make it more difficult for them to deceive others.
  • Under no circumstances would the bank or police; request a card PIN or security details over the telephone, or arrange collection of bank cards from a home address.


Scam awareness Sussex Police:

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