URGENT Local Plan Consultation responses end May 10th

A local group SABRE (Stop Ashdown Business Park Expansion) has taken up the cause of trying to get both the Ashdown Business Park Extension and new the Owlsbury Farm proposed development of up to 2,000 homes removed from the new Wealden Local Plan.

At this stage, Wealden has a target of 1,200 homes to be built each year for the next 15 years. This target is set by central Government. The Local Plan is, therefore, looking to include this number. Wealden has only been building 709 homes each year on average for the last 10 years so hitting the new target would mean a 70% increase in the number of built homes in the District. Whilst the Owlsbury Farm neighbourhood would provide up to 2,000 homes, the location of the site is inappropriate and not based on good town planning. It is disconnected from Uckfield and does not present a sustainable solution.

For Little Horsted this means the loss of a large area of farming, grazing and woodland and would take the parish from around 150 homes to 2,000 which means we would automatically have to become a Parish Council. Regardless of whether you are in favour of the proposal or against it Wealden have asked for individual comments on their planning portal.

As the portal can be confusing SABRE have put together a step by step guide with example responses (the Local Plan is very long and detailed) written by ex town planning officers with a lot of experience.